Mila Kunis is Jim Beam’s new spokesperson, will star in latest ad campaign

This February, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Mila Kunis… in the form of Jim Beam advertisements.

The 30-year-old Black Swan star has been named the new face of the Kentucky bourbon whiskey company. The company made the big announcement on Twitter:

The company is rolling out three television commercials in the United States and more spots will appear worldwide over the next few months. This really is a #MakeHistory moment for Jim Beam, which previously have never ran a global marketing campaign.


Do you think Mila Kunis is the right person to represent Jim Beam?

Previously, Jim Beam has featured celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Dennis Hopper, Sean Connery and other highly respected faces in the film and movie industry.

Watch one of the first promotional videos, featuring Mila Kunis: