Local model joins cast of 'Love in the Wild'

Local event planner/model Lindsay Furman is one of the new surprise women added to the cast of NBC's "Love in the Wild."


Furman, of Fairmount, and five other new women were seen at the very end of Tuesday's episode but will be introduced next week, when they will try to couple up with the male contestants on the dating/adventure reality show.

"What is this? In walks the sluttiest-looking girls to come in here and steal our guys from us," Manayunk's Jenny Blatt, an original cast mate, said on the show when Furman and Co. showed up.

No idea how long Furman, 30, who models with MMC in New York, sticks around on the show, but we are told that she now has a boyfriend she met after the show.

Furman says that she did the show to have a "once-in-a-lifetime experience in hopes of maybe finding a connection with someone during my adventure."

"It didn't happen on that island, the Dominican Republic, but I was fortunate enough to make some dear friends which will be in my life forever."

Speaking of "Love in the Wild," we have just learned that the show's executive producer, Tina Nicotera, is a South Philadelphia native. Nicotera, 35, graduated from Friends Central and previously worked on "Celebrity Apprentice," "Judge Judy" and "Big Brother."

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