Sideshow: Tony Danza returns to Northeast

Actor Tony Danza performs at the 88th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Rehearsals - Day 1 on November 24, 2014 in New York City.

Danza returns to Northeast


Tony Danza is coming back to Northeast High School. He taught there during the 2009-2010 school year, basis for the A&E show Teach: Tony Danza. Every year since, he's hosted Teachers vs. Students Talent Show, to raise funds for the school. It's March 23.


Kanye drops name of CD

On Saturday, Kanye West Twitter'd the title and cover of his next album. Title: So Help Me God. Cover: a four-sided shape with m's at each corner. (Some say it's an ancient symbol for the Virgin Mary.) No release date yet.


Justin Bieber, old guy

After a pop career of, it feels like, 3,456 years, Justin Bieber is legal. For his 21st birthday bash Sunday, he rented (so it's been reported) a Caribbean island near Grenada, on which he partied and drank and danced with Hailey Baldwin and Yovanna Ventura, either of whom might be his current gf, if any. Selena Gomez was not in evidence. . . .


Smith destroys Mommy Porn

The Will-Smith-with-a-hot-girl flick Focus topped the U.S. weekend box office with $19.1M taken in. Dethroned Fifty Shades of Grey, which fell to number four. No tears for Fifty Shades, though: It's going to make $500 million globally.


Social media lovin' & hatin'


Jaime King (Hart of Dixie) Instagrams that she and spouse Kyle Newman have asked Taylor Swift to be godmother of their child-in-the-making. Tay-Tay posted a selfie with the protuberant King belly. . . . Know that Toyota Camry ad? Dad drops daughter off at airport? She's going into the military? OK, so Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey) hosted Saturday Night Live and did a parody in which daughter is joining, um, well, terrorists. "Dad," she says to a worried pa, "it's just ISIS." A truck rides off with ululating, bearded, submachine-gun- waving fighters. Twitter blew up, threw up, hated it. Hashtags: #sickhumor, #IdiotWriters, and #SNLNeeds Cancelled. . . . William Shatner, who costarred in the original Star Trek series, chose to do a fund-raiser rather than attend Leonard Nimoy's funeral Sunday. For this, he was roundly hated all over social media. "All haters do is hate," he correctly replied.


A chilly final little tidbit

At Chicago's North Avenue Beach on Sunday, air temp a tooth-shattering 20 degrees, they had the Polar Plunge into Lake Michigan. Among 4,500 Z-listers, A-lister Lady Gaga, suddenly everywhere, went in with fiance Taylor Kinney (Chicago Fire). Vince Vaughn, also nuts, wore a Blackhawks jersey. It's a fund-raiser for Special Olympics.