Friday, October 24, 2014
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When Mary DeWitt began painting portraits of lifers in the Pennsylvania correctional system - people even prison administrators believed deserved clemency - she was filled with optimism.
Theater Professional/semi-professional 39 Steps A fast-paced whodunit based on the Alfred Hitchcock film. Closes 10/26. Bristol Riverside Theatre, 120 Radcliffe St., Bristol; 215-785-0100. $31-$46; $10 students.
Art Museums & Institutions African American Heritage Museum 661 Jackson Rd., Newtonville, NJ; 609-704-5495. Tue.-Fri. 10 am-3 pm.
Friday Do her hair Guys, this could be brilliant: You're going out anyway, right? Why not be the one who wields the implements of coif creation? (Think of the gratitude.) For the event BYOB X 3, the three Bs are blow-dryer, bottle, and boyfriend (or beautiful partner). Ladi
With more orchestras declining than thriving, classical music audiences can be forgiven for thinking the brand new Pennsylvania Philharmonic is a mirage.
Tour offers chance to walk in Rocky Balboa's footsteps
Anyone seeking the idyllic world of Charles Ives' Victorian-era New England may not find it (I've tried) in his now-urbanized hometown of Danbury, Conn., but could easily have stumbled upon it at Tuesday's all-Ives Dawn Upshaw/Gilbert Kalish recital presented by the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society at the American Philosophical Society.
Philadelphia Orchestra reports on 'a remarkable year'
'The murder of Leon Klinghoffer will not be forgiven!" Those words rang through the Metropolitan Opera house Monday in one of several not-unexpected heckling intrusions during The Death of Klinghoffer, John Adams' 1991 opera that, for all its artistic worth, gets the award for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
'Letters to My Younger Self': Inmates' writings form book's backbone