Saturday, February 28, 2015
The Blue Horizon may be considered "legendary" by some, but a panel of the Philadelphia Historical Commission considers the famed Moose Lodge-cum-boxing venue only a little bit historic.
The South Asian galleries at the Philadelphia Museum of Art - the eight second-floor rooms containing such dramatic works as the mammoth Pillared Temple Hall built in the 16th century in southern India - will be closed for more than a year after Sunday.
It may have flamed out in New York, but the stage version of‘Rocky’ should be a knockout here in his hometown.
Theater Professional/semi-professional A Murder Has Been Arranged An author awaits his birthday & a large inheritance in a supposedly haunted theater. But ghosts & human greed may interfere. Closes 3/29. Hedgerow Theatre, 64 Rose Valley Rd., Media; 610-565-4211. $34; $31 seniors; $20 ages 30 and under; $15 students.
Art Museums & Institutions African American Heritage Museum 661 Jackson Rd., Newtonville; 609-704-5495. Tue.-Fri. 10 am-3 pm.
The Illusionists: Witness the Impossible, brings a motley Vegas-style assortment of magicians (and one escape artist) from a six-week residency on Broadway to the Academy of Music. They've got fireworks, lasers, indoor snow, interactive video screens, and dancer/assistants dressed in the ragged Victorian hooker/dandy style seen sauntering across many a steam-punk conference floor. But do they make the magic happen?
Seven magicians do the impossible in 'The Illusionists'
The world is impossible to imagine without Mahler's Symphony No. 4, though its well-deserved ubiquity didn't stop Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia from indulging in amiably quixotic time travel back to when Mahler approved a parlor-size reduction, perhaps because options for hearing the large-orchestra version were limited.
Review: Yannick and his other band draw raves
Four contemporary classical composers walk into an art museum. No punch line. But after walking in, this quartet of composers eventually walked away having penned four new compositions, which Network for New Music will premiere Friday at the Barnes Foundation - amid the art and spaces that inspired them.