Kick of the Month: Aerial dance and music in Fairmount Park

Picture 210
Alie and partner doing an aerial performance underneath a bridge along the Schuylkill Rive.

Can you imagine an amazing outdoor event at the beginning of the summer that combines music, aerial dance, visual art, and nature?

Invisible River is a free Philadelphia cultural festival unlike any other that needs your help. Alie Vidich, leader of aerial performance group Alie & the Brigade, has been conducting performance art along the Schuylkill River since 2010 and she’s ready to bring her long-time vision of a culture soaked event to life!

Vidich is working with local composers, art students, performance artists, and other creative minds to create a 4-day long event in June that will transform Fairmount Park into an incredible carnival of color that will include an array of vendors such as Little Baby’s Ice Cream, Cosmic Café, and more.

With 29 days to go and a goal of  $12,000, Alie has only raised around $1,500. The funds raised will help pay for staff, artists, insurance, marketing and documentation.

Click here to visit their page and donate!