Will Smith remixes Fresh Prince hit



There’s nothing like a song to flood back memories of the sweet old days. Particularly the songs of summer. Most particularly perhaps “Summertime”. Remember the Grammy winning single from Philly’s DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince that seemed to fill the warm days of 1991?

Here. Take a little refresher course.


Now 21 years later Fresh Prince, who is now going by the square name of Will Smith, has decided to release a remix of the song. Judging by this snippet, Smith’s voice sounds more like Isaac Hayes than Fresh Prince at this point. The new “Summertime” will be available for download on Monday, June 10.

And while we’re revisiting strange haunts from our past, you might want to check out this video of an autotuned Mr. Rogers. “The Garden of Your Mind”? Sounds like a rave anthem.


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