When Privates Go Public

Every starlet (and strumpet) knows that the quickest way of getting attention is by making her privates public. But that attention tends to be of very short span.

Ordinarily I would  not draw attention to such naked attention-grabbers. But really, in a week where Channing Tatum has shared details about the scalding of his schwanstucke and Jennifer Love Hewitt has blinged her Delta of Venus,  and Warren Beatty's biographer has catalogued the actor's conquests and erotic tastes, someone has to sound like your grandmother and it may as well be Flickgrrl.

To Tatum and Hewitt and Beatty biographer Biskind I say, "Wouldn't you rather be unique than common?" And to Flickgrrl readers I ask, "They're called privates because they should be private. Agreed?" Where do we draw the line between sharing and oversharing?