Watch Simon Cowell get egged during 'Britain's Got Talent' finale

A disgruntled former contestant on the season finale of Britain's Got Talent finale took to the stage Saturday night to surprise Simon Cowell. With eggs.

During an operatic rendition of "The Impossible Dream" performed by Richard and Adam Johnson, a viola player named Natalie Holt, who was also part of the backing group, walked up between the two singers with a carton of eggs and started pelting Cowell with the items.

Neither Johnson brother flinched during the performance. Holt, with a smile on her face, threw at least five eggs at Cowell before security stopped her. The offender, however, is not the first person to chuck items at Cowell while he was seated at the judges' table. In season three of "American Idol," a contestant named Jonathan Rey approached a snickering Cowell with a plastic cup and tossed water on him.

Read Cowell's responses to the egg-y incident below.

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