VIDEO: The 'Malcolm in the Middle' ending to 'Breaking Bad' the world was waiting for

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It feels like Vince Gilligan and the rest of the Breaking Bad family finished telling the tale of Walter White just yesterday. The meth-fueled AMC drama saw a spike in popularity as they moved toward the final episode, setting ratings records with each new installment along the way.

As Heisenberg prepared to hang up is iconic hat, everyone with a WiFi connection seemed to have a theory or a preference as to how the show would end. One of the more inventive theories came from the deep Internet, where a bunch of folks hypothesized that Walter White would enter the witness protection program and become Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.

Well, two days ago a video hit the web that will satisfy those conspiracy theorists and entertain everyone who watched Breaking Bad. The recently released alternate ending stars Bryan Cranston as Hal, who wakes up in the world of Malcolm in the Middle and explains his crazy dream to his wife (Jane Kaczmarek).