VH1’s ‘Naked Dating’ series is coming, and it’s exactly what it sounds like


Let it not be said that romance is dead. VH1 figured out its been alive and well the whole time we’ve been mourning the loss, and wants everyone to know that getting naked while you date is how you find it. Enter the new series, Naked Dating. Evidently, channel execs liked what they saw.

VH1 has picked up the unscripted series for 10 weekly episodes, each centering on a man and a woman each dating two different (but equally nude) suitors. At the conclusion of each hour long episode, the contestants look back at their (naked) dates, and choose whether or not they want a second outing. So, basically, take The Dating Game, subtract clothes, and bam: you’ve got yourself some Naked Dating

Producers have not yet named a host to helm the series, but they have announced that Naked Dating will be filmed in a “remote exotic locale.” After all, exotic locales are the best locations for “examining the honest self,” as THR puts it. You won’t see that honesty completely honestly, though—VH1 will edit the show “according to network standards,” meaning, you know, censorship.

Still, though, VH1 higher-ups seem bent on the fact that this is more than just naked dating. In fact, VH1 VP of original programming Susan Levison says that, though Naked Dating “seems like a show that’s all about a noisey, provocative hook,” it is, in fact, a series with heart and masterful storytelling.” And naked people. Very naked people.

Naked Dating, however, is just another in a line of recent nudity-themed reality TV shows including Naked and Afraid, Naked Castaway, Naked Vegas and Buying Naked. So let’s hope that masterful storytelling comes in straightaway—after all, there’s no shortage of activities filmed in the nude to watch.

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