The strange and sublime soul man on ‘The Voice'

If we were to hold a Barry White lookalike contest right now, Nicholas David would probably finish, um, last. But man, watch this guy, who looks like he’s been living on a hippy commune in Alaska for the last 20 years, take on “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” on Wednesday's edition of The Voice.

Kind of thrilling in part because he so does not look the part. As Blake Shelton said afterwards, “A guy who looks like that should not sound like that.”

It was Team Cee Lo vs. Team Christina. And David’s coach (I have to admit, for the first few weeks I thought they were calling him “Ticklish David”), Cee Lo tried to psych him, telling Ticklish he had to get on some “swagger”,had to make America love him.

After the practice session, Ticklish admitted to the camera, “I don’t understand the whole swagger thing… I feel like a grandparent, like when a grandparent asks you how to work the VCR.”

Just press play, baby.

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