Starz green-lights ‘gritty ballet drama,’ ‘Flesh and Bone,’ to series

When ABC Family’s comedy-drama Bunheads premiered in 2012, it took the world of dance by storm. Now, though, it looks like the cast is going to have to plié over to make room for Starz’ newly announced dance show, Flesh and Bone. 

Described as a “gritty ballet drama,” Flesh and Bone has officially been green-lit. The show, created by Breaking Bad’s Moira Walley-Beckett, the show takes a darker look at the dance world through the story of protagonist Claire—a young dancer with a self-destructive past.

Sarah Hay, who you might remember from Black Swan, will play Claire, though the cast will include palpable dance talent from the American Ballet Theatre. So, in that sense, the cast seems to be built around performers with real-world dance experience—perhaps not surprising, given that Walley-Beckett and co-producer Lawrence Bender are dancers themselves.

But is America ready for a so-called “gritty” ballet drama? Do we need the cheeky, fun elements of Bunheads to keep us going through all the relevés? Or are foot pain, insider politics, and full-on dance grit enough to keep us interested?

America will find out when Flesh and Bone premieres in 2015. Until then, we’ve always got Black Swan.

Or The Turning Point. Or Talk to Her. Or The Red Shoes. Or Suspiria. Actually, this show will probably do just fine.