Sing-off suspense on 'The X Factor'

It was a strange double elimination on The X Factor as the show thinned the herd to its Top Ten on Thursday night. (You can see a list of the finalists by order of vote count at the bottom of the blog.)

First one of Simon Cowell’s groups was dismissed, Lyric 145, which wasn’t a surprise but wasn’t too fair either. A hip hop troupe is unlikely to ever shine on a Queen/Katy Perry medley.

Then one after another, the contestants were declared safe, until we got to two of Demi Lovato’s young adults who were forced to go all Thunderdome to see who stayed and who goed. No pressure.

You’re up, Jennel Garcia, covering Hoobastank’s “The Reason”:


OK, Paige Thomas, show ‘em what you got on Coldplay’s “Paradise”:


Who would you choose? Is there anyone in the Top Ten you would have dismissed before either of these ladies?

The judges had a little trouble.

Expressing the opinion of many X Factor fans, L.A. Reid said, “I'm shocked that either of them are at the bottom. He eventually voted to send home Jennel. As did Britney. The crafty Simon then abstained, really putting Demi on the spot because she now had to choose between her own mentees.

You could practically see the steam rising off Lovato’s carefully pressed ‘40s coiffure. "The act that I'm going to send home is Paige," she said. That left the tie-breaker up to Simon and he unloaded on Jennel.

This is a little awkward. Demi now has to work with the singer that she tried to let go when all the other judges voted to keep her.

Here’s your Top 10 based on the most recent vote tally:

10. Paige Thomas

9. Arin Ray

8. Beatrice Miller

7. Diamond White

6. Fifth Harmony

5. CeCe Frey

4. Emblem3

3. Vino Alan

2. Carly Rose Sonenclar

1. Tate Stevens




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