'Mad Men' season 7: Elisabeth Moss has 'grown and changed' with Peggy


LOS ANGELES (Variety.com) - "Mad Men" concludes its seventh and final season next spring, and its stars are now contemplating life beyond the hit AMC series.

In a new interview with Gotham magazine, Jon Hamm interviews co-star Elisabeth Moss about her latest projects, including upcoming films "The One I Love" and "Listen Up Philip," and how she's preparing to say farewell to her Emmy-nominated role as Peggy Olson.

In the Q&A, Hamm asks whether Moss can feel the difference between her "Mad Men" character and those she's developing in other projects. 

"It's a lot scarier," Moss concedes. "We've had so much time to live with the characters on 'Mad Men.' We've grown and changed with them." 

The actress also praises her "Mad Men" castmates and her career trajectory, admitting, "work-ing really makes me happy. I have been lucky to work with really great people. I haven't had many scarring experiences at work... I just haven't. I've had hard times; that's for sure. Not everyone I've worked with has been a f--ing angel, but I am happiest when I'm at work. I know what I'm doing. Regardless of what else is happening in my life, I can go to work and things are okay." 

"The One I Love" was shot in 17 days and had a 50-page "scipt-ment" rather than a full script. "It was a completely different experience from 'Mad Men.' We were sort of flying by the seat of our pants," Moss says. "But you don't want to do the same thing on your hiatus."

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