Kourtney Kardashian’s killer kuip

Kourtney and Kim opened up to David Letterman on pregnant Kim's nasty divorce battle with Kris Humphries.

Leave it do Dave to get to the bottom of things. On Wednesday’s Late Night, David Letterman asked his guest the question that all of America is wondering: Is Kim Kardashian a bigamist? Then he had to explain to Kim what the word means.

Kidding. Dave did ask Kardashian, who was on the show with older sister Kourtney, if she was married to two men, but it was just a jumping off point to get to the bottom (ahem) of her still unresolved divorce/annulment from Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries.

(Kuestion: Do you think Kim selected Kanye to father her child purely because his name begins with a “K”? Maybe she thinks only in terms of monogrammed luggage.)

But that’s not why I asked you here. It is to hear the absolutely brutal putdown Kourtney laid on Humphries when Letterman asked if the televised marriage was simply a publicity stunt. Without further adieu.

There were rumors yesterday (I’m not making this up) that the pregnant Kim’s eventual childbirth will be packaged as a television special. I can only pray that’s not true.




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