Galliano sparks outrage with 'Hasidic' outfit worn to Oscar de la Renta show

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FILE - In this Jan. 25, 2010 file photo, fashion designer John Galliano poses at the end of the presentation of the Dior Haute Couture spring/summer 2010 fashion collection in Paris. Galliano landed on the front of the New York Post on Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013, with a photo of the designer wearing a hat and ringlets described as resembling those of a Hasidic Jew. Galliano was fired from Christian Dior two years ago after his anti-Semitic rant was caught on video, and the tabloid said the outfit ìignited a new round of outrage.î (AP Photo/Jacques Brinon, file)

Well here's a comeback gone wrong. Leave it to the New York Post to blast an image of John Galliano on its front page Wednesday of the disgraced designer exiting the Oscar de la Renta show Tuesday night in a look that resembles the makings of a Hasidic Jew.

The fallen talent, who worked with de la Renta at Anna Wintour's behest in the weeks leading up to the designer's fall presentation, was snapped by photo agency Splash News, walking onto the street in a black coat, pants and shoes from what seems to be his eponymous fall 2013 menswear line. However, his felt hat (also part of his latest collection) and ringlets appear to be the offending aspects of his outfit: Galliano, at first glance, looks like he's channeling the dress of a traditional Orthodox Jew.

Whether or not he was attempting to convey a contrite message through his outfit, Galliano - who was captured on video spewing anti-Semitic remarks outside of a Parisian cafe just two years ago, then promptly dismissed from his post as creative director of Christian Dior, and later convicted for his tirade - should have placed more consideration into his comeback look.

Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, promptly defended Galliano Wednesday pointing out that the designer is captured wearing dark blue clothing and a dark gray hat, not black, like a traditional Hasid. "Here is a man who made a mistake and he's been on a pilgrimage to try to learn and repair. And people instead of embracing his return are trying to distort and destroy him," Foxman told the Associated Press Wednesday afternoon.

"I think this is a malicious distortion, either to continue to destroy this man or to sell newspapers. Take your choice," he continued. "This is John Galliano, OK? He dresses eccentric."

The recovering alcoholic has yet to release a statement regarding his choice of apparel. But in defense of the designer, we had to point out that Galliano does dress like this on a normal basis. Furthermore, he designer wasn't even part of the audience at the ODLR show - although the brand's publicist confirmed Galliano was backstage.


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