Elle magazine celebrates Women of Hollywood

Mitt Romney may have had “binders full of women,” as he declared at the presidential debate Tuesday night, but that’s nothing compared to what Elle magazine has going. Its November issue, out next week, features the aptly named Elle Fanning on the cover of its annual Women in Hollywood special. This year’s roundup of empowered and accomplished actresses are, in addition to Fanning, Cate Blanchett, Shirley MacLaine, Sarah Jessica Parker, Susan Sarandon, Octavia Spencer, Uma Thurman, Emma Watson and Kristen Wiig.

Here’s Fanning, star of Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, on coming of age in showbiz surroundings (her older sister is Dakota Fanning): “I can’t really remember my life without movies… [Growing up in Hollywood] is no different really. I make movies the same way other kids play tennis or go to piano lessons. I’m trying to get better at what I want to do, just like other kids are trying to get better at what they want to do.”

 And here’s Spencer, Oscar winner for The Help, on dealing with the pressures of her profession: “Early on I had to stand up to a producer – I won’t say who, but he is famous, famous. He dressed me down in a crowded office. I told him right there in front of a hundred people, `You don’t know me well enough to use that tone…’ And then I ran to the bathroom and cried like a baby. But he never addressed me that way again. And he is known as a yeller.”