Did Dykstra pull out of Canseco fight, or was he never really scheduled?

Lenny Dykstra has pulled out of tonight's Battle of the Baseball Bad Boys against Jose Canseco despite being paid $5,000 cash on Thursday, according to promoter Damon Feldman.

Feldman said moments ago that he and main promoter Alki David met Dykstra on Thursday and paid him cash. The former Phillies star was to receive another $10,000 after the fight but informed promoters around 6 EST tonight that he would not show up.

Dan Herman, who until severing ties tonight with Dykstra had served as a manager for him, arranged Dykstra's participation in the bout and confirmed that Dykstra was paid a portion of his purse in advance and has pulled out of the fight. "I grew up idolizing Lenny Dykstra but it was all a lie," Herman said.

I reached Dykstra tonight on his cell phone and after identifying myself, he said he would call back promptly. He has not. Dykstra, who is staying in a Los Angeles rehab facility, has also not replied to several text messages.

Fox 29 meterologist John Bolaris, a friend of Dykstra's for more than 15 years, tweeted days ago that Dykstra was never actually scheduled to fight.

UPDATE: Just spoke with a friend of Dykstra's who says that Lenny had never signed on to fight Canseco and did not receive any money from the promoters.

We predicted in Thursday's paper that the card was likely to change and on Twitter last night that Dykstra would not end up fighting Canseco.