DreamWorks buys next book by 'Silver Linings' scribe

File photo: "Silver Linings Playbook" author Matthew Quick. (Dave Tavani / Staff Photographer)

DreamWorks has bought "The Good Luck of Right Now," the upcoming fourth novel by Matthew Quick, the writer behind "Silver Linings Playbook." Quick grew up in South Jersey and taught at Haddonfield High School before turning to writing full time.

"The Good Luck of Right Now," according to Variety, is about "the intertwined lives of four outsiders who, amid grieving over pain and loss in their lives, come together to form a most unlikely family." Loss and issues of mental health are pervasive themes throughout Quick's work. It's scheduled for publication in the spring of 2014.

Quick's next novel slated for release, though, is a book geared at teenagers: "Forgive Me Leonard Peacock," which will be published this summer, is about "a kid who decides to kill his former best friend and then himself and the hope he finds in a very unlikely way," Quick told us back in February. Quick's second YA book, "Boy21," was set in a blue collar neighborhood right outside of Philly, and also dealt with the emotional innerworkings of teenage boys

The movie version of "Silver Linings Playbook" was a critical smash and has been a slow-burner at the box office, raking in $55 million worldwide since November. Gary Thompson discussed why the slow rollout into theaters has benefitted the Little Delco Movie That Could. It's sure to get an Academy Awards-bump, considering its eight nominations. Thompson's interview with "Silver Linings" Best Supporting Actress nominee Jacki Weaver, and her pub-hopping ways, is a must-read.