David Boreanaz: From ‘Bones’ to ‘Downton Abbey’?


It’s only been a week and Downton Abbey withdrawal is already too painful to bear (wrist to forehead). I assume many of us are suffering seeing as how the Christmas episode drew 5.4 million viewers, which for a PBS show is Super Bowl numbers.

All he needs is a cowboy hat and chaps.

Don't despair, Downingtons (Abbeyites?). Help is on the way. David Boreanaz, star of Bones and son of longtime 6ABC weatherman Dave Roberts, has volunteered for duty.

Remember the scene in last Sunday’s finale when Lord Grantham counsels his eldest daughter, Mary, to ride out the impending storm of scandal? He advises her to travel to the United States and “Find a cowboy in the middle-west and bring him back to shake us up a bit.”

This week Boreanaz tweeted, “ I'd like to be that American cowboy who shakes things up at Downton Abbey. I'm open for a visit Mr Fellowes. #ITV @masterpiececbs.”

Precision of language is important, dear chap, when you’re corresponding with Julian Fellowes. Your tweet made it sound like you were inviting the English writer to Los Angeles. Maybe you were. Ply him with avocados. Whatever works.

If Boreanaz gets his wish, at least two Americans would be joining the Downton cast for season three. Shirley MacLaine is American, isn’t she?



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