'Cold Case': No More Trips to Philadelphia

You can't  take the Philly out of Cold Case, CBS's long-running series about cops from Our Town solving old-time mysteries. But you can take Cold Case out of Philly. And, because of budget cutbacks, that's just what Warner Bros., which produces the show, is going to do. The show used to visit four times a year, then twice, and now, not at all.

"It's a big mistake," says John Finn, who plays bossman John Stillman on the show. "Philadelphia was our heart and soul. Love Park and Fishtown and all those places, you cannot recreate that anywhere."

Jeremy Ratchford plays Nick Vera in "Cold Case."

"There's something you can get in Philadelphia that you cannot get in Los Angeles," says Jeremy Ratchford, who plays Det. Nick Vera. "Like that Italian Market where the guys says, 'Howmany, howmany, howmany bananas?' Every major city in the States has a flavor. Our flavor is Philadelphia, and it's a shame we're not going back.

"When we went to Philadelphia, we'd all go out to dinner, and you'd walk 10 blocks to a restaurant, and you'd see probably 1,000 other people out walking their dog, walking to a movie, walking to a restaurant, walking, walking, walking, walking, walking.

"You’re out in that street, and you're breathing that air, whereas in Los Angeles, you get in your car and you drive to the gym, and then you walk on a machine."

"When we go there, the people love us, and it shows," says Finn. "It gives us an energy. It makes us feel different when were performoing with all those people there."