Bradley Cooper, Mel Gibson, and Leonardo DiCaprio have been partying together in Miami

Bradley Cooper, Mel Gibson, and Leonardo DiCaprio walk into a club... and drench everyone with a massive Super Soaker.

If you didn't already love Jenkintown's golden boy, Bradley Cooper, then you're about to pull a hamstring hopping on the bandwagon. The Oscar-nominated star of The Silver Linings Playbook has been living it up in Miami, club hopping with Gerard Butler, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mel Gibson(?!) and Jonah Hill.

The New York Post reports that the strangest wrecking crew of all time stopped at the Miami club "Story" (ooooof course it's called "Story") on Friday and took turns drenching the crowd with a four-foot water gun from the DJ booth.

Also, they partied with Halle Berry and her fiancé, Olivier Martinez, on Saturday. Basically, they're living the life you've always wanted. See everyone at their rush event at the start of the fall semester. [NY Post]