Poetry Month

The Inquirer is pleased to present the work of these prominent local poets. Poetry is an artwork and the product of the author’s work and perception; we offer these poems for their value as artworks. All views expressed or seemingly expressed in these poems are not to be construed as being those of The Inquirer in any way.

April: In like an iamb

So come out for a line. It’s National Poetry Month, a particularly good time to be showered with verse.

Philadelphia. Poetrydelphia, more like. April is National Poetry Month - so declared in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets - but any month, any week of the year, there’s a simmer of poetic endeavor in and around this town to rival anywhere in the United States. World, more like.


Bob Perelman

Yolanda Wisher

Daisy Fried

C.K. Williams