Tickets going on sale for Philly's Revolutionary War museum

Artist Matt Gemmell of Studio EIS uncrates a mixed-media figure as BJ Ervick (right), also of Studio EIS, works. The figures are made of cast resin, with realistic hair and clothing .

As opening day for the Museum of the American Revolution rapidly approaches, more and more of what it will offer to the public is arriving to the new building at Third and Chestnut Streets.

Late last month, Gen. George Washington's field tent, the prize of the collection, was at last installed in its hermetically sealed glass theatrical box, a dramatic display for a history-loving audience.

But the tent is just the start.

On Wednesday, at 10 a.m., timed tickets will go on sale at the museum. Adult tickets are $19; children 6 to 18 are $12; 5 and under - free. Grand opening is April 19.

And since Wednesday just happens to be George Washington's 285th birthday anniversary, the museum is having a party to celebrate. Festivities will kick off with George and Martha Washington (actually reenactors) in attendance; cake will be served; songs will be sung.

"It's going to be very celebratory," said a museum spokeswoman. "This will be the first time people will have been able to come inside the museum."

Festivities will be confined to the first floor, while on the second floor, some unusual displays are being installed - cast resin figures representing the famous and not-so-famous of the revolutionary epoch.

One tableau, composed of multiple life-size figures, features George Washington breaking up a snowball fight in Harvard Yard. Another scene depicts the famous Peale brothers - James and Charles Willson - reunited after months of war. Other scenes involve British cavalry troops in the South and a sailor inviting visitors to hang King George.

"It's another storytelling tool," the spokeswoman, Alex McKechnie said. "These are real events, real historic moments, real people."

The Inquirer and Daily News will be following the installation of Philadelphia's newest museum and will provide photo updates over the course of the next couple of months.