Mary Tyler Moore changed the television landscape. That's not a new idea, but it's still true. Television, especially as of late, tends to have a short memory. If it's not on now, we sometimes forget it's part of the canon. But it's important that Moore's contributions to the medium she helped define are not forgotten or lost.

Hulu has the first three seasons of the Mary Tyler Moore streaming (the rest can be purchased per episode on other services). "Chuckles Bites the Dust" is oft-cited as one of the best sitcom episodes of all time, but there are so many other great entries to revisit that are not just funny, but important. Take "Rhoda the Beautiful," in which Rhoda's weight-loss and entry into a beauty pageant puts an issue like body image front and center of comedy. Or "The Lars Affair," in which Betty White and Cloris Leachman's characters face off when White's Sue Ann starts having an affair with the husband of Leachman's Phyllis. Want to know why these two comedic powerhouses are working consistently? Their showdown is the perfect example. Or "The Last Show," which was actually the last show and proved how you end a series with grace and hilarity.

So sit back, press play, and let Mary Tyler Moore prove to you why she should be remembered.

Where to stream: Hulu.

Like this? Binge this: If you get through all 168 episodes of Mary Tyler Moore, Hulu also has The Dick Van Dyke Show, where Moore broke out as Laura Petrie, as well as other MTM classics like Lou Grant, Rhoda, and WKRP in Cincinnati.