Betty White celebrates 95th

Fans offered birthday wishes for cultural favorite Betty White, who celebrated her 95th birthday Tuesday.

"I just appreciate the fact that people have been so kind to me all these years," said White, whose career spans 75 years. Yahoo Global News' Katie Couric asked her to share her secret for staying so vibrant.

She snuggles with stuffed toys. "I'm a little strange for stuffed animals," said White, who devotes an entire room to them.

Real animals also play a role. Her dog "comes over and he lets me know when it's 6:30" every morning, she said.

White was widowed in 1981, when her third hub, Allen Ludden, died after 18 years of marriage. How has she managed alone all these years?

"One day at a time," White said. "You don't look ahead. And you try not to look back."

Will she marry again? "Remarry, no," she said. "Fool around, sure!"

Soul singer for Trump

Southern soul and R&B singer Sam Moore, 81, on Tuesday said he would perform at one of President-elect Donald Trump's inaugural events. Best known as one half of duo Sam & Dave, Moore said he found it unfair that several performers on the roster were so badly vilified they pulled out. That includes Jennifer Holliday and Bruce Springsteen cover act the B-Street Band.