If Kenney wins, who's first lady?

Jim Kenney talks to a WHYY reporter after his primary rivals endorse him for mayor on Thursday, July 23, 2015. ( STEPHANIE AARONSON / Staff Photographer )

Just who will be Philly's next first lady?

The likely next mayor says, "Mind yo biz."

Not that Melissa Murray Bailey doesn't stand a chance at making mayor - hell, if her performance at Stu Bykofsky's last Candidates Comedy Night was any indication of her aptitude, she'd kill it in tact and diplomacy . . . and at the very least, in making us laugh at press conferences.

But that hasn't stopped some from begging the question: Who will be the first lady if and when Jim Kenney gets elected mayor of our fair city?

People love to speculate. Back in May, my colleague David Gambacorta quoted political connoisseurs Sam Katz and Neil Oxman as saying two very different but very true things, respectively: that family is a "character component" for an elected official, and that "the days of . . . married with 2.2 kids are gone."

After some persuasion and much nagging on my part, I've finally gotten an answer out of him.

"I understand," Kenney said, "that it's fun to speculate and gossip, but when it's about family, I hope people understand how hurtful that can be for those who've never chosen to be in the political limelight. . . .

"Throughout my career, my family has never been political. Even when my children were younger, we never trotted them out on stage. At the very beginning of the campaign, I made it clear that my wife and I separated five years ago, and we've lived separate lives since then.

"Anything else about my or my family's private life is just that - private - and that's all I'll say publicly about that."

And there you have it.

For now, at least.

'Brook is back

Former Philadelphia Eagle and Villanova grad Brian Westbrook will soon be joining Anthony Gargano's morning show on 97.5 The Fanatic. Catch Westbrook from 9 to 10 every Monday morning after an Eagles game this season.

He'll be honored in October when he's inducted into the Eagles Hall of Fame.

And Saturday night marked the second of 97.5's Fanatic Fantasy Fest at Xfinity Live! Appearances were made by former Phillies catcher Darren Daulton and Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski, as well as all The Fanatic's on-air hosts.

'Top Model' master coming to town

I've managed to score an interview with Tyra Banks when she's in town next month. Banks and Lauren Makk, co-star of the syndicated daytime talk show "The F.A.B. (Fun And Beautiful)," will be at the Ritz-Carlton (10 Avenue of the Arts) on Sept. 10 to discuss the show's launch on ABC-owned stations this fall. Write me with questions to ask her.


* Saturday night, after 27 years, Ruth's Chris Steak House (260 S. Broad St.) served its final meals at its Avenue of the Arts location, and a few notables came along to say farewell to the old spot. Those included Philly car guy Gary Barbera, of "Gary's on the Boulevard," and former restaurant proprietor Jason Bacci. Owner Marsha Brown will open Ruth's Chris' new location, at 18th and Market streets, in spring 2016.

* Philly native breakdancer Brian "Hannibal" Newby, who's been cast in the 2016 Netflix original series "The Get Down," challenged the Philly Phanatic to a dance contest on the field during the fifth inning of Saturday's Phillies-Padres game. I hear Hannibal's fancy footwork rivaled the Phanatic's trademark belly-shaking moves. "The Get Down" is written and directed by award-winner Baz Luhrmann ("Strictly Ballroom," "Moulin Rouge!").

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