Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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He just won't leave, she just can't stay

DEAR ABBY: I started dating my childhood sweetheart when we were in high school. I'm now in college.

My dreams and goals have always been to move from our small town to a big city in another state. The problem is my boyfriend, "Clay," never wants to leave here. He isn't even interested in travel, which is something I want to do.

I now have an opportunity to move, but Clay refuses to go. Should I go anyway? Do I take the risk of being happy in a new city by myself, or stay where I know what the ending will be?

- Stuck in Smalltown, U.S.A.

DEAR STUCK: All of life is a risk. I think you know in your heart that you need to experience a little independence. If you don't take advantage of the opportunity you have been given, you will indeed be "Stuck in Smalltown, U.S.A." Forever.


DEAR ABBY: My wife and I have been married for 10 years. She is a Realtor and I'm a maintenance worker. I work eight hours a day, five days a week and sometimes on weekends and overtime when needed.

My wife thinks that when I'm off on weekends I should be working around the house. I have tried telling her that those are my days off to do what I prefer or just relax. I do maintenance work all week, and then she expects me to do it on weekends, too? I feel like getting a divorce because of her never-ending demands.

I also play in a band with my friends on Sunday evenings. It's only once a week, but she gives me flak about that, too. I don't fish, play golf, hang out at bars, chase women or have any other hobbies. How can I get her to understand?

- Wants to Relax

DEAR WANTS: Have you told your wife you feel like divorcing her because of her never-ending demands? It might be a way to get her attention. Tell her that you're willing to fix things around the house one or two days a month, but if her punch list requires more than that, she should hire someone.

And as to your playing in the band - invite her to come and listen if she wants, but make it plain that you don't intend to stop.

Dear Abby
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