Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Short Takes

Condensed from Daily News movie critic Gary Thompson's reviews, unless noted otherwise.

NON-STOP. Liam Neeson beats up everyone on long flight, hoping to find the guy who's threatening to bring it down. It's all pretty nonsensical. (PG-13) C

SON OF GOD. A kinder, gentler "Passion of Christ," adapted from "The Bible" TV series. Christ is more compassionate here, but lesser moviemaking. (PG-13) B

TIM'S VERMEER. Strong documentary by Penn Jillette about inventor Tim Jenison, who jury-rigs a device to create paintings like the Dutch master's. (PG-13) B

3 DAYS TO KILL. Kevin Costner's CIA badass can handle terrorists but not his teen daughter (Hailee Steinfeld) in an uneven comic riff on "Taken." (PG-13) C+

POMPEII. Cornball old-school disaster movie in newfangled 3D, with "Game of Thrones" refugee Kit Harington. (PG-13) C

IN SECRET. Provocative, protracted story of love and betrayal, with Oscar Isaac, of "Inside Llewyn Davis." He shows more emotional range here. (R) B- Reviewed by Daily News wire services.

OMAR. Riveting, Oscar-nominated view of the Middle East morass, with pulse-racing foot chases and armed ambushes. A Reviewed by Daily News wire services.

ABOUT LAST NIGHT. Kevin Hart, Regina King have comic and sexual chemistry in cutely obscene remake. (R) B

ROBOCOP. Remake of fantastic 1987 Paul Verhoeven movie is less good, wasting great cast (Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson) on a dour, dull mess (PG-13) C+.

ENDLESS LOVE. Teen romance has lots and lots of smooching, little else. (PG-13) D Reviewed by Daily News Wire Services.

MONUMENTS MEN. Clunky account of search for looted WWII art turns megawatt stars into "Hogan's Heroes." (PG-13) C+

LEGO MOVIE. Cute, arch mix of CGI and stop-motion animation, with Lego figures (Abe Lincoln, Batman, Shaq) and celebrity voices galore. (PG) B+ Reviewed by Daily News wire services.

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT. Bachelor bros (Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan) vow never to fall in love, in spotty romcom. (R) C+

RIDE ALONG. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube work hard for laughs in cop-buddy comedy. Too bad the script writers didn't. (PG-13) C+

THE NUT JOB. Animated slapstick about a squirrel (voiced by Will Arnett) planning a nut heist. (PG) B- Reviewed by Daily News wire services.

HER. Funny Spike Jonze sci-fi, in which Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with his computer.(R) A

LONE SURVIVOR. Brutally good war movie set in Afghanistan, with Mark Wahlberg. (R) B+

AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY. Dark family-dearest comedy with Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts. (R) B-

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. Martin Scorsese turns stock scam into raunchy, long comedy. (R) B

AMERICAN HUSTLE. Abscam-derived tale has Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, acting! (R) B

INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS. Coen brothers' funny, moving tribute to 1960s folkies. (R) A

FROZEN. Disney's latest, with tunes by Robert Lopez of "Book of Mormon" fame. (PG). B

NEBRASKA. Will Forte takes aging delusional father Bruce Dern on a road trip.(R) B+

DALLAS BUYERS CLUB. AIDS patients run business for black-market meds. (R) B+

12 YEARS A SLAVE. Triumphant story of kidnapped free man (Chiwetel Ejiofor) whose intellect is a threat to the men who would own him. (R).


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