Oliver Stone, 66, is an enemy of many a conservative politico, but he doesn't have any problems criticizing the left, either.

He's previously lobbed a few grenades at President Obama. Last year, he said that Obama's decisions too often mirror Republican ideology. Last month, he lashed out at the prez for attacking intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, whom the JFK director calls a "hero."

Stone topped himself this week, launching a multimegaton nuclear ICBM at POTUS that'd put hair on Laura Ingraham's chest.

Stone, whose pics also include Nixon and W, was in Tokyo to promote his 10-part Showtime docu series The Untold History of the United States, which challenges a few assumptions, including the idea that America had no choice but to drop the atomic bombs on Japan.

"Obama is a snake," Stone told journos in Tokyo. "He's a snake. And we have to turn on him."

Stone praised Russian prez Vladimir Putin for giving Snowden asylum.

"We need more countries to stand up to the U.S.," he said.

Beyoncé hair update

Beyoncé's decision to get a short haircut made headlines around the globe (such is the state of the news media). But she's already sick of it, leading to more headlines: B has been seen in Miami "rocking a short angled bob," says USA Today, which apparently is "a huge difference" from the pixie cut. It all looks the same to us hair philistines.

Tidbits 'n' pieces

John Mellencamp's son, Speck, 18, has turned himself in to Monroe County, Indiana, authorities to face a battery charge stemming from a July 29 fight. His bro Hud, 19, also is wanted. . . . Amanda Bynes, who suffers from schizophrenia according to unsubstantiated tabloid chatter, has been transferred from a locked psychiatric facility to UCLA Medical Center says the New York Daily News. . . . Oprah's aggressive - I mean titanic - The Butler promotional media blitz continues. In the latest, she stopped by Bravo's Watch What Happens Live. Host Andy Cohen asked her when she last smoked weed. "Uh . . . 1982," said O. "I hear it's gotten better," she added.

A Kardashian grudge

Don't ever criticize the Kardashian Kabal. Look at what happened to sweet, gentle TV news softball pitcher Katie Couric.

Kim is angry that Katie sent her a gift on the occasion of her daughter North's birth. Kim says Katie is a hypocrite who disses the reality star behind her back

Katie sinned, it seems when she recently asked - as we all do on sleepless nights - "I don't understand - why are [the Kardashians] so famous?"

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