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Grown-up S'mores

Unfortunately, campfires aren't always around when the craving hits. That's why we like the new, decadent s'mores from Godiva. Creamy vanilla-bean marshmallow is sandwiched between two crunchy graham crackers and then drizzled with dark, white, or milk chocolate. OK, the chocolate isn't melty and the marshmallow isn't oozy; but the taste holds up without the gooey-ness.

Godiva S'mores, $3, Godiva Chocolatier, 1625 Chestnut St., 215-963-0810.

- Maria Yagoda

Tabletop zoo

It seems there are never enough kid-sized forks and spoons to accommodate the little ones, especially when entertaining pint-sized guests. Hefty's heavy-duty plastic, animal shaped utensils - including monkeys, snakes, frogs, elephants, pelicans, and alligators - are so much fun, it'd be a shame to toss them after only one use.

ZooPals Funtensils, about $2.50 for 24 at area groceries.

- Maureen Fitzgerald

Out with a bang

That last summer party deserves a festive touch, and these party picks are just the ticket. Use them for fruit or cheese trays, and liven up your Labor Day picnic for a very modest price. Other styles available, including pinwheels and American flags.

Fireworks/palm tree picks, $2.49 for 30, at ShopRite stores. - M.F.