MarketBasket | New nonstick

A number of improved coatings are surfacing on some of the new cookware on the market, promising to hold up longer and withstand higher heat than Teflon. This nonstick saucier from Anolon is a dream for cooking eggs or fish, a cinch to clean, and oven-safe up to 500 degrees.

- Maureen Fitzgerald

Anolon 5.5 quart covered saucier, $100, at Macy's stores.

A truly golden chip

These great tasting chips are the creation of two former Manhattan chefs who gave up their fine-dining restaurants to produce them. Made from Yukon Gold potatoes, these simple crisps are full of flavor but short on fat.

- M.F.

Terra Gold Chips, 5-ounce bag, $2.39 at Whole Foods Markets, or

Cookies in a hurry

Much improved over slice-and-bake rolls, these frozen cookies are presliced, and can be popped in the oven before breakfast and cooled in time to be packed in a school lunch. And they taste just as good as homemade.

- M.F.
Wholly Wholesome Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies, $3.49 at Wegman's stores.