Madonna-Le Pen smackdown: The Video

Madonna’s concert Saturday in Paris contained two bits of naughtiness, one of which may get the Bay City, Mich., Native sued.

The Mystical Mom played a video which showed French politico Marine Le Pen, head of the right wing party, the National Front, with a swastika on her face which moments later was replaced by an image of Adolf Hitler and then of Madonna herself with Hitler’s mustache.

It doesn’t take a semiotics professor to decode the message.

The Daily Beast puts the vid in context: “The full video includes fleeting flashes of global personalities such as Pope Benedict XVI, Chinese President Hu Jintao, and deposed Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. Marine Le Pen's face appears flanked by anti-mosque protest posters, moments before an image of Adolf Hitler that is similarly emblazoned with a flashing swastika.”

Reps for Le Pen aren’t happy. It’s a pr black eye for Le Pen, who has tried to give her party a more cuddly, softer, sexier, less overtly incendiary tone since she took it over from her pop, Jean Marie Le Pen.

“We are obliged to react because Marine Le Pen has been accused in a very serious manner,” National Front spokesman Florian Philippot said in an interview with French newspaper JDD.

 “But what seems to me even more serious is the trivialization of Nazism, of something that is horrible. They are, after all, diffusing images of Hitler during a show to be provocative.”

Madonna however, has the full support of SOS Racisme, says the Huffington Post. The org applauded the aging superstar’s “resolutely anti-racist and feminist discourse.” (Resolute? Feminist? Discourse? Madonna??!!)

Madge’s second bit of acting out is the least shocking – and frankly, rather boring.

The Material Girl flashed a breast ‘n’ nipple and her buttocks at the Paris show.

The juvenile flashing has been a feature on her current tour: The 53-year-old warbler exposed various body parts at shows in Istanbul, Turkey (a nipple) and Milan, Italy (her derriere).

Finally, in a cynical (or, depending on your point of view, clever) move, Madge took advantage of the controversy on Monday to release her latest music vid, “Turn Up the Radio.” It contains bits of eroticism (shocking, right!)

Here’s a video of the video shown in the Paris show posted by The Hollywood Reporter.