The Chris Brown-Drake fiasco lingers

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Did Canadian rapper Drake and his posse really give Chris Brown this booboo?

If the tabloid headlines, the hype, the media circus is to be believed, R&B star and sometime rapper Chris Brown and Canadian rapper Drake and their respective posses have ignited a war more epic than any in history, more epic even that the Trojan War of Greek myth.

Like the Trojan War, the conflict reportedly was ignited over a woman: Rihanna, Chris Brown’s ex-gf and the victim of his rage, who also has dated Drake in the past, plays the Helen of Troy in this story.

The conflict first ignited in the wee hours of Thursday morning Brown and his posse of 16 had a tense face-off with Drake and his entourage at a New York nightclub.

Semiotically-aware witnesses say gang signs and coded threats and not-so-coded epithets were exchanged.

Bottles were thrown. Brown emerged with a cut on his chin, but alive.

TMZ says a dreadlocked man from Brown’s team instigated the violence. “Somebody's gonna die,” he reportedly shouted.

The unnamed man seemed especially peeved at one of Drake’s men, the Philly “Tupac Back” and ‘Ima Boss” rapper Meek Mill.

CBS News on Friday reported the whole situation is still murky: Who threw the bottles? And were gunshots fired during the fracas as some witnesses have claimed?

Was the conflict over Rihanna? Some sources say it had nothing to do with her. Others say Brown said nasty things about R to Drake.

So what was it about? The Associated Press says witnesses recall that Drake’s dudes started the trouble after Brown stated he had no qualms with Drake.

Brown’s rep says Brown and his gf Karrueche Tran, a model, were victims of a “brutal attack.”

Drake’s rep says the rapper was leaving the club when he was caught in the middle of a fight not of his making.

"He did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to  person or damage to property," says the rep.

But unnamed sources tell Entertainment Weekly that Brown’s lawyer has presented police with physical evidence proving Drake perpetrated violent acts.

The Brown-Drake conflict caused a number of injuries, Police say. Brown's bodyguard sustained a nasty gash on his head from a badly-aimed projectile thrown by one of Brown's own men, says TMZ.

Police are tracking down surveillance footage and interviewing witnesses.