Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino on his stint in rehab

He’s dazzled us with his remarkable talent for belching, boozing and babe-ing and his incredible prowess as a suntanning machine.

Now Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino dims the lights, so to speak, to whisper to us of his pain as an addict and his road to salvation and sobriety.

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Will post-rehab Sitch continue to show off his buff at every occasion? We do hope that part of his persona has stayed intact!

The Sitch, who is famed for his facility with all the difficult problems he faces daily on MTV’s Jersey Shore, admits this one situation, staying clean and sober, may be a challenge.

“Ever since I've been out—I'm not gonna lie—it’s not easy,” the sex machine tells MTV News.

“But at the same time, where I'm at right now, I’m at a good place. But it took a little bit to get there.”

Never one to shy away from booze in the past, The Sitch’s situation worsened during the past two seasons, when he found himself in the dread grips of prescription painkillers.

After reports surfaced that his MTV bosses were pressuring him to clean up his act, the 29-year-old Staten Island native entered the exclusive drug and alcohol rehab for the stars, the Cirque Lodge in Utah. He emerged a month later, on April 4, a changed man.

“In the beginning? A lot of rainy days, so to speak,” The Sitch says of his first days in treatment while simultaneously demonstrating his grasp of metaphor. “A lot of rainy days.”


The young man describes his travails at the Cirque in detail:

"Your first day is detox," he said of the program. "It's not a pleasurable experience at all. ... In the beginning, for sure, when I was [at the facility] in Utah, I'd wake up and just be extremely disappointed with myself. Like, ‘I can't believe I got here. How did I get here’?”

The Sitch says he reflected on how badly he treated his pal, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi while still caught on the vice-like grip of addiction,  pushing her away when she showed concern for his well-being.

“I would never want to hurt that girl’s feelings,” he says by way of an apology. “That girl is very special to me. If I could turn back the clock, which I always say that I have no regrets ... definitely hurting her feelings ... and our friendship.”

See video clips from The Sitch’s chat on MTV here.