Out and about: Pat Burrell, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, Bam Margera


Pat Burrell and Chase Utley hung out until around 1:30 Saturday morning at The Cafe (20th & Walnut) next to Burrell’s old haunt The Irish Pub. Burrell attended Friday’s game against the Red Sox and threw out the first pitch Saturday night at the game, and had signed a one-day contract with the Phillies so he could retire as a Phillie.

Cole Hamels strolled the Rittenhouse Row Festival by himself early Saturday afternoon before heading down to the ballpark.

Chester County "Jackass" Bam Margera relaxed at the O2 Lounge at Revel in Atlantic City Sunday. VH1's "Tough Love" matchmaker Steve Ward partied at Revel's Royal Jelly Saturday.