'Glee' creator: Dated football players in high school

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Ryan Murphy (left, front row) with members of "Glee" cast

“Glee” returns to Fox at 8 p.m. Tuesday, but first the cast and show creator Ryan Murphy will be getting the James Lipton index-card treatment on Bravo’s “Inside the Actors Studio” at 8 p.m. Monday.

And if you always figured Murphy was mining  a few of his own high school issues on the show, you were right.

“ I was an odd creature in high school because I was a target but also I was popular, and that’s because on the sly, I was dating a lot of the football players,” he tells Lipton.

A couple of  other quotable quotes being teased by Bravo, which also released a clip:

Lea Michele, recalling her audition for the show: “I was listening to music and singing ‘On My Own’ in the car and about to pull into the Fox lot and totaled my car at the time. I’m from New York and was driving in LA. I ran up the lot pulling glass out of my hair, and I had nicks on my body.  I ran into the building – and exactly what Rachel Berry would have done – they were like, ‘You don’t need to audition today!’And I said, ‘There is no way that I’m not auditioning.’They didn’t even believe I got in a car wreck!”

Chris Colfer, responding to Lipton’s reminding him he’d said he wanted to be an actor since he was “an embryo”: “Embryo – yes. I used to pose for the sonograms.”