The Kardashian Times: KK & KH kaput!?

Sure, it’s not as bad as Britney Spears55-hour-marriage to whatshisname in 2004, but if reports are true, professional celeb Kim Kardashian and pro basketball player Kris Humphries may be joining Brit on that ever-growing list, Shortest Celebrity Marriages.

Life & Style mag and the New York Post both claim Kim and Kris, who conjoined their eternal souls in divine infinite love on Aug. 30, are headed for Splitsville.

The Post says Kris left the Manhattan hotel he’s sharing with Kim on Thursday “clutching boxes and wearing no wedding ring.” He’s moving out, of course. What else could this tiny fragment of context-less info mean? Talk about timing: he (allegedly) left Kim on the eve of her 31st birthday.

Life & Style says the couple partied separately this week: While Kim took a six-day work trip in the United Arab Emirates, Kris reportedly partied at three different Manhattan clubs, including Lavo and Avenue. Says the glossy, “even more shocking, after leaving Avenue, he barreled into 1Oak in the early-morning hours hand in hand with a mystery blonde.”

It gets uglier! Kris didn’t greet his wife at the airport on her return from UAE, but took lunch with his guypals.

Life & Style says unnamed “friends and family confirm” K&K are kaput.

Are they really? says the couple were all smiles at New York’s STK restaurant out Wednesday night.

No comment from either party.

Bust or no, the couple’s wedding was a cash cow: The various deals they made –  selling exclusive photo rights, selling the wedding as a TV special etc – earned them $17.9 million.