Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The two whistle-blowers who made public the racist and sexist text messages that caused two school administrators to resign in 2013 filed a lawsuit in federal court last week, saying Coatesville Area School District employees retaliated against them.
A group of activists wants inner-city fathers to walk their children to school Tuesday, the first day of class, as part of a national...
Essays will get less emphasis in the admissions process at two of the region's elite schools, Swarthmore College and the University...
A new event - an "International Mayors Forum" - will be held at La Salle University as part of the World Meeting of Families Congress in Philadelphia, leading up to the pope's visit, Mayor Nutter said Tuesday morning.
NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (AP) - Six of the seven football players accused of hazing and sexual assaulting four other teammates in a New Jersey high school locker room were placed on probationary terms, prosecutors announced Monday night.
More U.S. college students are making a habit of using marijuana, which has supplanted cigarettes as the smoke-able substance of choice among undergraduates who light up regularly, a study released Tuesday found.
Delaware Valley University, which introduced a pet-friendly residence hall last year, is expanding the program this year. The university earned national recognition for its animal friendliness when it began allowing students living on the second floor of Samuel Hall on its Doylestown campus to have approved pets in their rooms. Three chinchillas, two cats, three geckos, three snakes, two rabbits, and five hamsters and gerbils shared the hall with their 18 human owners.
The firm hired to staff Philadelphia School District substitute-teaching jobs has a pressing need: hiring 5,000 qualified people, as soon as possible.
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - An elementary school teacher who was allowed to keep his job despite being late for work 111 times in two years said Friday that breakfast is to blame for his tardiness.
The Street: Don't be surprised if you see a significant jump in your credit score after getting a consolidation loan. From there, you're basically just keeping up with your monthly payments so that you don't have another black mark on your credit.
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Results for some of the states that participated in Common Core-aligned testing for the first time this spring are out, with overall scores higher than expected. But they are still below what many parents may be accustomed to seeing.
Amanda Darr, a 31-year-old working single mom in Langhorne, opened a letter recently that led her to believe her chronic child-care problems for her 4-year-daughter had finally been solved.
EWING, N.J. - The College of New Jersey feels a little bigger. Students moved in this week to Campus Town, a retail and housing complex attached to the campus but built and operated by a developer. The eight main buildings will have restaurants or shops on the first floor - such as a bar, a sushi restaurant, or a nail salon - and student housing above.
Along one side of College Avenue, classroom buildings and residence halls lend this edge of Penn State's campus a 21st-century glow.
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation Friday that doubles the size of a teacher arbitration panel.
City Council is not happy with the Philadelphia School District - again. This spring, Council publicly blasted Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. and other officials for what it said was a lack of transparency and information, but finally agreed to parcel out $70 million in new money for the district.
Camden school board member Barbara Coscarello stepped down this week after 61/2 years. First appointed in 2009 by Gov. Jon S. Corzine, Coscarello said she wanted to focus on the nonprofit management consulting service she owns, as well as her job as a sociology professor at Camden County College.
They go behind the Vatican walls, sometimes to places the public never sees. They helped start the pope's official Twitter presence and have ferreted out impostor accounts.
For the second time in a decade, Cheyney University has failed to properly manage financial aid that it awards students, and as a result may owe the U.S. Department of Education more than $29 million.
In a decision that could prove far-reaching, Commonwealth Court ruled Thursday that the Philadelphia School District does not have the power to override state law and limit charter-school enrollment.
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Results for some of the states that participated in Common Core-aligned testing for the first time this spring are out, with overall scores higher than expected though still below what many parents may be accustomed to seeing.
Inquirer education reporter Kristen Graham takes your questions about the Philadelphia School District from 5 to 6 p.m. today.