Friday, May 22, 2015

Wendy Rosenfield

Wendy Rosenfield is a freelance writer who has reviewed theater and written arts and lifestyle features for the Inquirer since 2006. She was chief theater critic for the Philadelphia Weekly from 1995 to 2001. Wendy holds a B.A. in English literature from Bennington College, has participated in the Bennington Writer's Workshop, and was a 2008 NEA Fellow in Theater and Musical Theater. She is also the proud mother of two young children who often fight over the extra reviewer's ticket, which leads her to believe that theater is alive and well and breeding new enthusiasts all the time.
Just as most Jewish holidays have the same theme (They tried to kill us. We survived. Let's eat.), some attentive comedian - Seinfeld? Stewart? - noted that many Christmas stories also share a common plot: Someone's trying to steal Christmas and we have to get it back!
The Wonderettes made their first appearance with 11th Hour Theatre Company back in June. Then, the quartet was the Marvelous Wonderettes, a nostalgia trip to the 1950s and '60s whose conceit was a last-minute girl-group substitution for a canceled boys' glee club performance.