Sunday, December 28, 2014

V for Veg

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Vance Lehmkuhl's V for Veg column appears every other Thursday, celebrating and chronicling the growing trend of plant-based eating in the Philly area. Send your veg tips to  and be sure to keep up with the vegan scene in Philly and beyond with the blog V for Vegan.


Back in the Norman Rockwell days, Thanksgiving dinner was unified. All eyes at the table hungrily focused on that giant roast turkey that Grandma was placing on the table, everybody with a single thought: Gimme.
Thanksgiving recipes for all
On a recent Saturday afternoon, I finally went hunting. I was outfitted to fight the elements and loaded for - not bear, but certainly hen of the woods and other kinds of wild - growing edible mushrooms.
Meaty 'shrooms make a very vegan pot roast
Resources: Get help finding and locating mushrooms in our region

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Help spread the word! When you see an outdoor sign (or any sign visible from the street) that says VEGAN or VEGETARIAN, snap a pic and send it in! We're putting together a gallery for each! Check 'em out here:

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