Friday, October 31, 2014
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V for Veg

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Vance Lehmkuhl's V for Veg column appears every other Thursday, celebrating and chronicling the growing trend of plant-based eating in the Philly area. Send your veg tips to  and be sure to keep up with the vegan scene in Philly and beyond with the blog V for Vegan.


SEVENTY years ago this month, Donald and Dorothy Watson, of Britain, took "the beginning and end of vegetarian," coined the word "vegan," and with a couple of dozen vegetarian friends formed the Vegan Society. That auspicious beginning is celebrated on Nov. 1, this Saturday, as World Vegan Day.
The anticipation is nearly over for V Street's opening, and it will be well worth the wait.
Gallery: V Street, in photos
Inside V Street in Rittenhouse

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Help spread the word! When you see an outdoor sign (or any sign visible from the street) that says VEGAN or VEGETARIAN, snap a pic and send it in! We're putting together a gallery for each! Check 'em out here:

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