Tom Fitzgerald

A sound-bite feast

Quoted words, and brutal campaign ads, often don't tell the full story.

Teeing up for women

Democrats try to exploit big poll advantage, but the race has far to go.

Bumps aside, Romney collecting delegates

Romney still has his doubters, but there's no doubting his delegate count.

Some GOP strategists say Mitt Romney still needs to completely answer the Roger Mudd question.

Mitt Romney: Off script and off-key

From trees to Cadillacs, Romney still struggling with the common touch.

Mitt's 'not Newt' come-on

Mitt's 'not Newt' come-on

He's driving home that message all across Iowa now.

Why do Iowa and N.H. go first in prez race?

Two mostly rural, racially homogenous states serve as sieves for the rest of us.
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