Sunday, December 28, 2014

Toby Zinman

Toby Zinman has been reviewing theater for The Inquirer since January 2006; she's the Philadelpha reviewer for Variety and a frequent contributor to American Theatre magazine.

Her “day job” is professor of English at the University of the Arts, where she was awarded the prize for distinguished teaching. As an academic, she has published widely and lectured internationally on contemporary American drama.

A Fulbright professor in theater at Tel Aviv University, she also has received five grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and has been invited to be a visiting lecturer in China. Her third book, on Edward Albee’s plays, is set for 2008 publication by the University of Michigan Press.

Her third career, as an adventure travel writer, has taken her all over the world.

'It's 11 o'clock." "At night?? Did we have dinner?" Energy drinks and whiskey, plus the occasional $17-a-pack cigarette, are what these people live on. No sleep, no kindness, no food, nothing but blind ambition. Which is, as Marc Antony told us, a grievous fault, and, dude, these people pay grievously.
Startling moment No. 1: Dan Hodge, director of Tom Stoppard's clever one-act The Real Inspector Hound in Curio Theatre's new little venue, finishes his opening-night welcoming speech and then lies down on the floor.

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