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Steven Rea has been an Inquirer movie critic since 1992. He was born in London, raised in New York City, and has lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Iowa City, Iowa. His column, "On Movies," appears Sundays in Arts & Entertainment, his reviews appear in the Weekend section on Fridays, and his blog, On Movies Online, can be found here. He is a member of the National Society of Film Critics.

He is the author of the book “Hollywood Rides a Bike,” and also curates the movie stars and bicycling photo blog, Rides A Bike.

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Latest post: The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! - 08/27/2014
Not sure there's a burning need for Need for Speed - a cross-country, road-racing, revenge-taking, stunt-driving cannonball of a movie - but now that it's here, braking into spins and spinning in slo-mo and fast-mo from Mount Kisco, N.Y., to the Mendocino Highway, you'd have to be a true carmudgeon (sorry) to want it to stop.
'Stranger by the Lake': Desire and mystery, Hitchcock style
'Veronica Mars' is fine as fan fodder
Anderson at his best in 'Grand Budapest Hotel'
The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson's eighth, and most ambitious, teeming film, begins in a sort of familiar here-and-now, in a European city cemetery: A student, clutching a book and sporting punky pins on her coat, approaches the memorial of a man cited only as "The Author." On the pedestal, beneath his bust, people have hung what look like hotel keys, totems from devotees.
Goldblum settles in at 'Grand Budapest Hotel'
'Evolution Of A Criminal' tells of honors student turned bank robber
Ronan gets her Irish up in 'Budapest'

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