Sunday, May 24, 2015

Steven Rea

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Steven Rea has been an Inquirer movie critic since 1992. He was born in London, raised in New York City, and has lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Iowa City, Iowa. His column, "On Movies," appears Sundays in Arts & Entertainment, his reviews appear in the Weekend section on Fridays, and his blog, On Movies Online, can be found here. He is a member of the National Society of Film Critics.

He is the author of the book “Hollywood Rides a Bike,” and also curates the movie stars and bicycling photo blog, Rides A Bike.

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Latest post: 'Kingsman 2' in the works - 04/29/2015
Fans of Belle and Sebastian - the bookwormy Scottish pop band with the deft Dylan references and plucky anthems that practically smell of damp tweed - need no other incentive to see God Help the Girl than the news it exists: a movie musical written and directed by Stuart Murdoch, the group's mastermind.
Ben and George have been together 39 years, sharing a cozy New York apartment stocked with mementos, books, music, art - some of it by Ben, a painter. From the opening scene of Ira Sachs' illuminating Love Is Strange - a rise-and-shine, get the day going affair - it's clear these two men, played with beautiful depth and nuance by John Lithgow (Ben) and Alfred Molina, know each other, love each other, care for each other.

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