Our Movie Critic's Selections

Bruce Dern is Woody Grant in "Nebraska," a career-defining performance as an ornery coot.

Dallas Buyers Club The "inspired by true events" tale of Ron Woodroof, a party-hardy Texas cowboy who, in 1985, contracted the AIDS virus. Matthew McConaughey gives a literally transformative performance as this homophobic hell-raiser, refusing to accept the doctors' diagnosis that he has only 30 days to live. He proves them wrong, becoming a cash-rich drug dispenser and patients'-rights advocate in the process, in this colorful, compassionate film. R

Enough Said Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini (in his final leading role) are divorced parents, each with a college-bound daughter, who meet, date, and take to each other. Then the trouble begins. A smart, funny, heartbreaking movie from the hugely talented writer/director Nicole Holofcener. PG-13

Nebraska Bruce Dern in a career-defining performance as an ornery coot who believes he's won a $1 million prize, and heads from Montana to Nebraska to claim it. His son (Will Forte) reluctantly tags along, in Alexander Payne's funny, sad, poignant, absurd road movie. In black-and-white. It's a gem. R