Our critic's movie selections for the weekend

Robert Redford stars as a solo mariner stranded on his boat in the Indian Ocean in "All is Lost."

All Is Lost Robert Redford stars in J.C. Chandor's majestic, melancholy film about a solo mariner, stranded on his boat in the Indian Ocean. There is incredible tension in this ordeal, and Redford - an icon of the American movie experience for more than half a century now - makes that tension deeply palpable. PG-13


Blue Is the Warmest Color Yes, there is a lot of sex. Graphic sex between two young women. But that's only part of what this extraordinary film is about - a three-hour portrait starring an amazing Adèle Exarchopoulos, shot with a close-up intensity that brings her character out from the screen, into your heart. It's emotional 3-D! NC-17


Dallas Buyers Club The "inspired by true events" tale of Ron Woodroof, a party-hearty Texas cowboy who, in 1985, contracted the AIDS virus. Matthew McConaughey gives a literally transformative performance as this homophobic hellraiser, who refuses to accept the doctors' diagnosis that he has only 30 days to live. He proves them wrong, becoming a cash-rich drug dispenser and patients' rights advocate in the process, in this wild, colorful, compassionate film. R