Our critic's selections

Clive Owen and Andrea Riseborough , urged to turn against the IRA, in "Shadow Dancer." Magnolia Pictures

Shadow Dancer Andrea Riseborough gives a fierce, focused performance as a woman in 1990s Belfast who plants a bomb for her IRA cohorts, and then is urged to turn against them by an MI5 officer (Clive Owen). Slow-burning, thick with deceit. R

Stories We Tell Actress and filmmaker Sarah Polley investigates the life of her mother, Diane, who died when Polley was 11. An extraordinary documentary meditation on family, memory, truth, love, fidelity - at once intimate and personal, and universal. And tricky, very tricky. PG-13

World War Z Brad Pitt goes running 'round the world - and driving, helicoptering, bicycling and jet-planing - in a desperate attempt to find the cure for a zombie pandemic. A relentless horror thriller - and it all starts in Philly. PG-13