It’s beach season and I have a problem. My girlfriend is very pretty but she looks bad in a bathing suit because she doesn’t shave her legs. It skeeves me out. What do I do?

Steve: Shave your own as a hint to her? Just kidding. If that's your biggest problem, you're a lucky guy. Pretend you're European and try to develop an appreciation for a "natural" look. Or just focus on her face.

Mia: I'm with Steve on this: her body, her choice. She wants to keep her legs au natural, pretty sure your opinion isn't going to change her thoughts on the matter. Also, if she thinks she looks fly in her suit – which she does, otherwise she'd go ham on the Nair – then it shouldn't matter to you.

There’s a guy I like who I talk to occasionally but when I see him out he treats me like he doesn’t really know me. But I know he cares. I really want to pin him down. What should I do?

Mia: Cut your losses. If he doesn't want you in public, why should you want him in private? Go find a man who wants to talk to you all the time.

Steve: You say you know he cares. It sounds like he want him to care but his actions are barking at you. Here's the test: Walk away and see if he follows.